Our story

Charles Pozzi Group

The notoriety of a name, the power of a brand, the strength of a team

"We've all heard the name Charles Pozzi from a close friend, parent or grandparent. And we've always remembered it. And why? Because it rhymes with Ferrari, that's for sure. But also because it evokes a whole area of automotive history, and not the least.

Charles Pozzi, whose real name is Carlo Alberto Pozzi, was born on August 27, 1909 in Paris and died on February 28, 2001 in Levallois-Perret. Passionate about car racing from his childhood, he took part in his first competition, the Grand Prix International de Nice, in 1946, went on to race and in 1971 became the owner of a car racing team that bears his name.

At the same time, he developed a real sense of business, opening his own garage in 1932. Charles Pozzi began by specializing in luxury used cars. Then, thanks to his close ties with Enzo Ferrari, he became the first official Ferrari importer for France in 1969.

So many people dream of the prancing horse. Why shouldn't I?

Charles Pozzi

Eric Neubauer

Chairman of the Charles Pozzi Group

President's word

My family's industrial history began in the 1870s in Levallois, and has seen many episodes over the generations, from horse-drawn carriages onwards. It was my grandfather Jacques Neubauer who plunged the family into the world of automobile distribution in 1936, becoming the most prestigious Peugeot dealer in the Paris region. In those days, it was fashionable to buy a Peugeot from Neubauer.

At a time when car dealerships are being pushed out of city centers and salespeople for generalist brands are having to go through the digital wringer, I chose to reinvent the codes by focusing on the top end of the market in order to provide our customers with tailor-made immersive experiences.

The opening in Paris Levallois of the largest Ferrari dealership in the world over 16,000 square meters, the expansion of the Le Mans facilities near the emblematic 24-hour circuit and the acquisition of the Car Museum in Vence, a museum space dedicated to the pleasure of automotive, are only the beginning of a new adventure for the Charles Pozzi Group.

Our Group's ambitious development strategy, combined with the genuine passion we love to share and pass on, enables us to offer our customers a host of surprises, both in the distribution and maintenance-restoration of top-of-the-range, classic and competition cars, and in the diversity and originality of the experiences we offer.

To achieve these objectives, our Group has powerful assets: historical family know-how, the solid trust placed in us by our customers and partners for many years and a team of specialized and very high-level professionals.

In 2016, I called on the expertise of my wife, who comes from the demanding world of healthcare and has managed renowned hospital structures for many years.

Her know-how naturally led me to convince her to join the equally demanding world of Ferrari, and to entrust her with the management of Charles Pozzi, to ensure the implementation of the organization and all the processes essential to a successful customer experience.


Armelle Neubauer

Charles Pozzi CEO